Name's Matthew; I'm 19 and live in the middle of nowhere in Massachusetts. I'm pretty much a shut in, so I tend to find tons of ways to amuse myself. Writing, video games, movies, shows (mostly anime), and philosophy are all my things.
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3rd March 2014

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13th December 2013

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The Sound of Silence 

3rd December 2013

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I changed Elsa’s pitch and…

Oh no he’s hot

Reblogging for HOLY CRAP GOOD JOB. Seriously, you should clean the instrumental up and maybe take that other person’s suggestion for making a duet version with the original.

6th October 2013

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"I want God to come, and take me home

Cause I’m all alone in this crowd”…

Queens of the Stone Age - The Vampyre Of Time And Memory (par MRWAHBLAH)

I swear this whole album fits my life way too well.

5th October 2013

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4th October 2013

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Queens of the Stone Age - ‘Kalopsia’

4th October 2013

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Holding on too long is just
A fear of letting go
Not everything that goes around
Comes back around, you know
One thing that is clear
It’s all down hill from here
— Queens Of The Stone Age (…Like Clockwork)

27th September 2013

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25th September 2013

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The tyranny of an object, he thought. It doesn’t know I exist.
— Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (via manymusthaveit)

25th September 2013

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"Punch Drunk Grinning Soul" - Flogging Molly

Took me everything I had
To give all that I could
Walk beside me while I sleep
Steer me from the slumber wolf

Tangled forest of the mind
Speaks to me of self-despise
Close the window through the pane
Hear the siren’s serenade

Could have been the comeback kid
The southpaws’ legend glove to fill
No shadow boxer but the one
A true contender for the crown
Now this punch drunk grinning soul
In its corner begs, no more

Hey now, stay proud
You were lost on a blue day
Hey now, stay proud

Hey now, stay proud
You were lost on a blue day
Hey now, stay proud
But we hardly knew ya [more]